Redistricting Guide

Read more for information about redistricting criteria, defining a community of interest, drawing districts that create opportunities for communities to elect candidates of their choice, and information for community leaders and organizers about how to participate in the redistricting process.



A free, public web tool for creating district maps and community of interest maps.



A free, public tool to create, view, analyze and share redistricting maps for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. DRA includes demographic data from the 2010 census and 2018 5-Year ACS estimates and extensive election data. Official congressional and legislative district maps are included and can be used to start new maps, or you can create maps from scratch. 



A free, open-source tool for creating maps for Communities of Interest — groups of individuals who share common social and economic interests, who are likely to have similar political concerns. 


Nevada Reapportionment and Redistricting

Nevada State Legislature’s website that provides updates to the timeline and process, including when and how the public can participate in the redistricting process.The website also contains general and historical information on redistricting, current district maps, and district demographic maps. 


All About Redistricting

Reviews the substantive considerations that go into redistricting, the various entities and institutions involved in the process, and the rules, progress, and litigation in each state.


Redistricting Data Hub

Provide individuals, civic organizations, and good government groups the data, tools, and knowledge to participate effectively in redistricting processes by learning how to define their communities, provide meaningful public input, recognize gerrymandering, and advocate for fair and legal maps.


Brennan Center

This page explains why states should wait for the census data to draw districts.